Saturday, 28 July 2007

Majority vote AGAINST Lambeth ALMO!

Here are the actual figures provided by the Electoral Reform Society (the most important question as opposed to the leading questions that precede it):

Question 4

Would you support setting up an ALMO for Lambeth to deliver these improvements?

Total number of eligible voters: 30,986

Total number of votes received: 8,385

Overall rate of participation: 27.1%

Total number of spoilt/blank ballot papers: 107

Therefore, total number of valid votes counted: 8,278


Number voting Yes: 3,518 (42.5% of the valid vote)

Number voting No: 3,362 (40.6% of the valid vote)

Number voting Don’t Know: 1,398 (16.9% of the valid vote)

TOTAL 8,278 (100% of the valid vote)

Perhaps Lambeth Council are using a different number system to the rest of us, but I make 40.6% ('No' votes) plus 16.6% ('Don't Know' votes) a total of 57.5%. The 'Yes' votes are therefore a minority of votes cast.

Lambeth's spin doctors are simply lying when they claim majority support for their ALMO scheme.

Lambeth DCH will be campaigning to get the actual result out to residents and to prove to the Government (the DCLG) that residents do not support the ALMO.

Thanks to our supporters for delivering our leaflets and carrying the arguments against the ALMO and for direct investment in Council housing. We fight on.