Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Councils to be allowed to build new homes

The Daily Mirror reports today that local authorities may be given permission to build new council housing when Gordon Brown becomes prime minister. Click here for the full story.

We have been telling Lambeth Council all along that this is not the time to be pushing an ALMO. Housing is a big political issue and it is certain that there will be changes in government policy in the coming months.

Pressure is growing for the government to give money directly to councils to invest in their housing stock, without requiring one or other form of privatisation.

It is not too late for the Council to admit that they were wrong to propose an ALMO and to shelve their plans. In fact residents would respect them more for having the guts to admit that they were wrong. If councillors stubbornly insist on pursuing an ALMO which is bound to fail, they could face political disaster.