Thursday, 10 May 2007

Lambeth staff ordered to remove anti-ALMO material from TRA noticeboards

Not content with telling its staff to remove posters from around estates (see earlier story), Lambeth Council has told staff at a special meeting of all caretakers across the borough that they are to remove any anti-ALMO publicity from TRA noticeboards!

These noticeboards are reserved especially for use by Tenants’ and Residents’ Associations as they see fit. By encroaching on them the Council are sending a very clear message that they don’t care what residents – or their elected representatives – think. Their actions smack of desperation and dictatorship. They want to censor us because they know that once residents know the truth about their ALMO they will reject the idea outright.

Never mind the fact that many TRA noticeboards are locked and the council doesn’t have a key… Staff at one Area Office immediately called a meeting with their manager expressing their distaste for the instruction they received from management and refusing outright to impinge on the rights of residents – a reminder that staff and residents are united in this fight to prevent the privatisation of council housing.