Friday, 18 May 2007


Following intense pressure from residents and staff, the Labour Group on Lambeth Council have finally conceded that a ballot will be held to determine the future of Lambeth’s council housing.

Previously they were saying that there would only be a “test of opinion”. The Council’s about-turn is testimony to the effect of the campaigning work of Lambeth Defend Council Housing, who have been calling for a ballot since the ALMO proposal was first launched last July.

We don’t yet know when the ballot will take place or what the question – or questions – on the ballot paper will be. We must put pressure on councillors to ensure that the questions are phrased in a fair and honest manner.

Now is the real crunch time for the campaign. Over the coming weeks we will be going round estates and town centres, talking to as many residents as possible, letting them know they have a chance to safeguard the future of council housing in Lambeth if they VOTE NO TO ALMO.

If you can help us, whether for an hour, a day or every day, get in touch! Our contact details are at the bottom of the page.

Why not download our new leaflet and distribute it on your estate?