Saturday, 12 May 2007

Lambeth staff offered overtime to “sell” the ALMO

Lambeth Council is offering all its staff the chance to earn a phenomenal £18 an hour on top of their regular salary to go round to residents homes and convince them how great the ALMO is!

This is an outrageous use of council tenants’ rents – money that should be spent repairing our homes, not bribing staff to promote a privatisation scheme which would spell the end of council housing as we know it.

If the ALMO is as great as Lambeth Council would have us believe, surely staff would be going out of their way to sing its glories to residents without having to be paid such a huge amount? In fact, even with this massive bribe, there has been little interest and the Council has had to extend the invitation to staff outside the Housing department, including agency workers.

Maybe the Council will now get the message: tenants don’t want the ALMO, leaseholders don’t want the ALMO – and staff don’t want the ALMO!